Art Gallery
Recycled Window
Real dried flowers...yours or mine!
Many sizes of windows to chose from
already made or for custom orders!
My flowers are dried completely using
traditional methods of silica drying, air
drying, or both.  The flowers I  love to
use are:  Hydrangea, Delphinium,
Larkspur, Roses, Salvia, Yarrow,
Safflower, Strawflower, Zinnia, Dahlia,
Sunflowers, Black-eyed Susan,
Lavender, Mexican bush sage, and
Queen Anne's lace.  These all hold
color the best and are my favorites!
All dried flower windows range in
price. ($125.00-$200)
Call or email with orders! Also, see
show info.  These windows are
antiques, so I don't ship them, but I
will deliver if local.
Painted flowers on glass!  Flowers
that are fun, whimsical, dreamy, or
musical.  I paint them like I see
them....a circus of blooms.  
Prices for these range from $125-